Nyota is a small UX design studio with a focus on user-centred product- & service design.

We deliver innovative solutions to public institutions and SMEs between Berlin and Hamburg.


UX Design

You want to develop intuitive and meaningful products, from mobile apps and websites to services or events.

We discover user needs and align them with your business needs and the technical feasibility.

Concept Development

You are looking for innovative solutions in digitalisation, urban- or regional development, new work, sustainability or other areas.

We develop product- and service concepts to demonstrate what the perfect solution could be. 

Design Strategy

You want to become a user-centric company or a citizen-centric public institution.

We help you get the necessary expertise
and show you how to update your established processes.



We developed the user-centred concept for the urban development project Bülow90.


We supported the architects with the identification of user needs for their redevelopment projects.


We coached a pioneer team who implemented a new product development strategy.


We supported the innovation team with design sprints and user research.


We supported the product team of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer by improving the usability of their online shop.


We developed an interactive concept for the conference “Innovation Forum Optogenetics”.


We provided methodical support to the management of the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.


We developed and facilitated various workshops for the R&D department to boost creativity and ideation.


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Berlin Charlottenburg
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